Our Clients

Pan-Oston has developed and designed a broad range of custom and standard fixtures for a large cross-section of businesses with a variety of needs.

These include applications for home, hardware, supermarket, pharmacy, automotive, general merchandise and electronic retail spaces.

Our fixture solutions meet a multiplicity of requirements of space, function, design and budget.  We also work to third party design specifications and agency supplied branding materials.  Our customers rely on us to deliver superior product performance.

Case Studies

Liquor Store Gift Packaging Merchandiser

Manufactured to client’s specifications.


  • metal base with casters for ease of moving
  • wooden structure with plastic laminate finish and solid wood edges
  • slat-wall, wire bag holders, package hooks, plexi-glass card holder
  • adjustable shelves with price tag edging

Shopping Mall Digital Ad Screens/Smart Fixture

Collaborative custom design with client


  • metal base with powder coat paint finish
  • base designed for housing smart technology
  • dual-sided, portrait-style digital screens

Merchandiser/Smart Fixture

Manufactured to designer’s specifications


  • digital monitor with audio
  • curved aluminum face panels over metal structure
  • finished with agency-supplied branding material
  • adjustable, plastic merchandise shelves