Belted Lanes

Pan-Oston has been manufacturing belted lane checkouts since the late 1970’s, responding and adapting to industry-wide change with innovation. We serve regional and national customers offering a broad selection of standard and proprietary designs. The best product for the task is driven by available store space, cashier operational mode, ergonomic criteria, and desired options.

The belted portion of the checkout is offered in 4-foot through 8-foot lengths, in 1-foot increments. Custom lengths can be produced to meet customers’ requirements. All lanes are assembled with an approved electrical package, photo-electric eye control and scanner kits. Additional features can be added to a belted lane to optimize operational efficiency.

Rear cabinets are designed to accommodate the style of operational mode. A variety of sizes, in length and width, are developed to compliment the store’s space. Features are added to support the bagging function as well as the individual performing that function.

Available cashier modes include scan and cashier bag, scan and cashier pass with bagger assist, scan and cashier pass with customer bag. Different checkouts are available within these modes including single and multi-belt versions as well as height adjustable systems to address ergonomic issues.

Pan-Oston manufactures belted lane checkouts using a variety of materials. Fixtures can be finished in semi-gloss, textured and multi coloured powder paint or plastic laminates to compliment individual store décor.