Pan-Oston Services what it Sells!

In 2010, we created an in-house Service position with the objective of creating and maintaining a national network of Factory Authorized Service Reps. We now manage more than 125 reps, across the country, all of which are capable of maintaining your Pan-Oston products to factory specifications.

Our reps are capable of servicing all makes and models of checkouts or fixtures and we carry replacement parts for some of these brands. Reps in high density regions, possess common inventory components which enable them to visit, inspect and repair all in the same trip saving the customer time and money.

Call Pan-Oston today for service, maintenance programs, installations, parts or service to other fixtures or equipment in your store.  When you need a reliable service provider you can trust, call Pan-Oston first.

Call toll free 1-800-563-9182 or contact us.