• Greg Butler

Pan-Oston Owners & Management Team

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Introducing our Pan-Oston Owners!

Butler, Bonner and Nash purchased Pan-Oston, Canada in 2006.

Mr. Butler is well known and has a diversified background in the industry and is currently the President of Pan-Oston, Canada and Complete Retail Solutions.

Greg Butler

Mr. Butler started with Pan-Oston as a Junior Draftsman in 1983 and worked up to the

position of Chief Operating Officer for North America in 1998, responsible for three

manufacturing facilities in the US (2 in Kentucky and 1 in Las Vegas as well as two facilities

in Canada. During his tenure, he was asked to establish Pan-Oston Co., USA in Glasgow, KY along with a satellite manufacturing facility in Las Vegas for the western US market. He

moved his family there in 1988 where he was responsible for equipping, tooling and the

staffing of a multi-million-dollar retail fixture sales and manufacturing business. He

returned back to Canada in 1994 after it’s successful start-up. He left PO in in 1998 and was

a principal and a founder of QuadrAlliance Inc., a Canadian company which competed with

PO. QuadrAlliance was subsequently sold to American interests three years later. Mr.

Butler then founded Complete Retail Solutions (CRS) with Mr. Nash and Mr. Bonner in 2002.

Larry Nash

Mr. Nash has a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and equipment beginning on the shop floor and rising to Manufacturing Manager at PO starting in 1984, prior to leaving to join CRS. Mr. Nash is the Vice-President, Manufacturing Services of PO. He was instrumental in developing manufacturing outsourcing relationships during the start-up of CRS. He currently manages a team of Retail Design Specialists, Purchasing, Production and Project Management.

Glen Bonner

Mr. Bonner is the Vice-President, Sales and Marketing. He started with Pan-Oston in 1978 on the production floor and was promoted to a position of Purchasing Manager and then moved into Sales and Marketing back in 1983. With almost 40 years in the Retail Industry, he manages the Canadian sales and marketing team maintaining relationships with our established customers as well as develop new and exciting opportunities. In many cases, he is more familiar with existing equipment and future needs than the fixture buyers themselves.

Bonner currently manages an inside staff of three, including a New Product Sales Manager, Service Manager and an in-side Sales and Support Administrator. He oversees a rep base for Canada including eight regional independently owned companies selling fixtures to the retail market. Our Service department facilitates service, preventative maintenance and installations for our customers nationwide.

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