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Constantly evolving to meet a changing marketplace with innovation, high, industrial standards and new concepts that drive down costs and increase display impact.

Pan-Oston is a leading Canadian retail store fixture manufacturer.


Pan-Oston Owners & 


Greg Butler President

Glen Bonner Vice President, 

Sales & Marketing


Greg Butler, President of Pan-Oston Ltd

On behalf of all of us here, I want to thank you for taking the time to look over our website to learn a little more about Pan-Oston and what we can do for your business.      


Pan-Oston Ltd. was established in 1977 in Peterborough, Ontario as a single-source manufacturing solution for sheet metal design, fabrication, paint finishing and assembly for all retail environments and as a contract manufacturer. We continue to expand our abilities and success with other materials such as wire, wood and plastics. We want to partner with you fully respecting the importance of understanding your specific issues and challenges; focusing on fresh new solutions that not only meet your needs but increasingly address changing trends and market conditions.


Enjoy the Pan-Oston experience.

Greg Butler, President

CRS Founding 

As a Canadian company, Glen and I are committed to bring together, resources, people and technology in a inclusive, collaborative approach that compliments our strong project management team.

Glen and Greg

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